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“I celebrated my birthday last night in this gorgeous place. Well it was a brilliant evening and the place was no doubt the reason for the fruitful celebration. The crew helped in a very nice way, the meals were yummy and my buddies were extremely overjoyed. We shall surely return for more joyful events. Thank you very much.”

Elliott Huynh

We like a lot eating out. Yesterday we went to this magnificent restaurant which friends recommended to us. We had a beautiful evening there with exceptional food and a nice stuff and a professional chef. We added this venue in our phone list and we will surely visit again very soon. Highly recommended.

Easton M

“Two days ago was the first time we went to this magnificent restaurant. But It is definitely not the last time. We had great time with the generous service, with the exceptional dishes and fine drinks and with the modest pay. We will surely come back in a short time.”
Gilbert Bauer

“If you love some juicy & flavourful meat then you must check out MeatPoint ? The platters look so pleasing to the eyes & the taste was just as good as it looked ? Your tastebuds will be craving to come back here once you try it ! We recommend you try their platters as it comes with a mix of different meats, rice & veggies ? The Meat is definitely on point so make sure to checkout @meatpointca ! ?”


“Amazing place to eat! The staff and service was top notch, 10/10 service. The food was even better! Fresh meats, well seasoned, well cooked and mouth watering. The price is moderate, you will be paying a bit more, but the quality is well worth it. Will be here again!”

Fouad Jibril